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If your campaign requires millions of impressions (or least a few hundred thousand per week), then a roof ad is the perfect choice for you!


Roof ads are a powerful new medium for promoting your brand, and nobody does it better than Eagle Outdoor Media.

Rooftop advertising is a unique outdoor advertising opportunity that delivers your message, and your message alone, to a captive audience. In fact, Federal Aviation Administration regulations mandate that all airline passengers must have their window shades open upon final approach to the airport, where your message can be seen upon takeoff or landing. And not only is Eagle Outdoor Media capable of placing your logo on one of our blank canvases that are visible to airborne passengers, but we can install full color roof ads that demand attention.

Think of it as a billboard on steroids. We are the only OOH (out-of-home) media company offering dedicated rooftop advertising space in markets located directly along the flight paths of the nation’s major airports. Compared to billboard advertising, the exposure of roof advertising is…well, through the roof!  Quite literally, millions of passengers will be able to see your rooftop ad from the air during the course of a year at any given major metro airport location. By their very nature, roofs offer an uncrowded playing field as there are only a handful in each market that offer prime visibility, so not only will your roof ad stand out, but it will stand apart from the competition.


Ideal for a Logo or Long-Term Ad Campaign (5 years or more)

A painted rooftop ad with Eagle Outdoor Media actually offers a dual benefit: if your roof is in need of repair or re-coating, you can take advantage of Eagle Roof Systems, our licensed, full service roofing company, and roll the cost of your roofing ads into your roof repair job at a significant savings.  Additionally, we ensure that neither the roof repair nor the ad installation will void any existing roof warranties.